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SUDAN: Jesuits open an Agricultural school

From: previously written in the January issue of our Bulletin, the Society of Jesus is present in South Sudan with three communities: in Rumbek, where since long Jesuits are running professional training courses in electronic and computer sciences, thanks also to the contribution of parishes and local university; in Wau, where not long ago they re-opened Loyola High School; and in Juba, the South capital, where two Jesuits are working at the Catholic University and at the Major Seminary. Now, in Rumbek is going to be inaugurated MAJIS, the multi-disciplinary and agricultural Institute of Jesuits in Sudan. Its purpose is to teach young Sudanese how to cultivate land and to raise cattle. Father Francis Njuguna, project supervisor, says that the Institute will be located in Akoljal, a village 10 kms from Rumbek, on a land donated by the local community. The school will be open to “young people of good will” and will offer practical courses on agricultural production and cattle-breeding. Classes will last one year, and will be divided in three phases, for groups of 100 students at a time. The Institute will be a great contribution to the new country which is emerging after the referendum of past January.


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