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To the whole Society – Changes in the Central Government of the Society

When I was elected General, the Society of Jesus gave me as support a team of persons who form what is traditionally called the General Curia. I continue to appreciate and admire the generosity and efficiency of this team, and the important help they offer me in my mission as …

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SUDAN: Jesuits open an Agricultural school

From: previously written in the January issue of our Bulletin, the Society of Jesus is present in South Sudan with three communities: in Rumbek, where since long Jesuits are running professional training courses in electronic and computer sciences, thanks also to the contribution of parishes and local university; in Wau, …

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The Virtue of Asceticism

Nicholas Austin, S.J. So what have you decided to give up for Lent? We often we hear that the important thing is not to give something up, but to do something positive. But it’s strange, isn’t it, that the feeling still sticks that Lent is really about giving up stuff? …

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Father General will Visit to Syria, Lebanon and Turkey

  Father General will be in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey from March 21-28.  The first stop will be in Syria: starting in Damascus where Father General will have an initial meeting with the Jesuits at our residence focusing on “Our mission in Syria”; a second meeting will be held in …

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