Bản tin cha Bề trên Cả thăm Việt Nam trên trang web trung ương Dòng tại Rôma

On his way to the Meeting of the Asian Pacific Provincials in Australia, Father General has visited the Province of Vietnam. From January 18th to 20th he was in Ho Chi Minh City.

 On the first day of his visit, 18 January 2012, Fr. General had a fruitful dialogue with the young men in formation of the Vietnamese Province in the new St. Joseph Scholasticate in Ho Chi Minh City.  He encouraged and challenged the young men to aim to serve not just Vietnam but the universal mission of the Society, and to deepen the spirit of St. Ignatius in their lives. Here, he is with some of the novices, juniors, philosophers, regents and theologians of Vietnam. Of the approximately 160 members of the Province, over 100 are in formation 




Fr. General at the airport before leaving Vietnam, with (from left) Fr. Vincent Mam, Rector of St. Joseph Scholasticate; Fr. Joseph Doan, former Regional Superior and Regional Assistant, now Superior in Jerusalem; and Fr. Joseph Liem, Provincial

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