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Father Superior General: ‘The globalisation of superficiality’ is happening

In an era where information is available quickly and aplenty, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás reflects how we get less of “what really matters in life”. [youtube][/youtube] In the era of instantly available news and an abundance of information, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás reflects on how the modern world …

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EAST TIMOR: Three Jesuits Declared “National Heroes”

During the celebrations of the National Day, the 20th of May, José Ramos Horta, President of the Republic of East Timor, declared “national heroes” three Portuguese Jesuit missionaries.  They are Fathers João Felgueiras and José Martins, and Brother (deceased) Daniel de Ornelas, who arrived in East Timor in 1974 and …

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Building bridges

Australian Jesuit Fr Jeremy Clarke SJ sees his role as a Jesuit, a teacher and an advocate of culture as the bridge between different communities.  In his two years at Boston College, he has worked to build that bridge – between East and West, between faculty and students. In the …

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Closing cultural gap through accessible research

Upon meeting Rev. Jeremy Clarke, S.J., one thing becomes immediately clear – this man hails from the land of Oz. Australian by birth, his traditional accent often initially distracts its listener, letting the ear become entranced by the unfamiliar dialect. Listen to the voice behind the accent, though. It has …

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